Dispensary Alkhnana Arar 


Alkhnana clinic was established in Arar in 1988 to be the nucleus of a group of ancient medical Alkhnana owned by Jamal Mohammed Alkhnana for medical services and Altjarah..ovi in 2000 was the opening of the new branch in the city of Sakaka-Jawf and was followed by several medical projects in many cities of the Kingdom .. 


Dispensary Alkhnana-Sakaka 

Since the founding of the group, put the board in mind a clear goal, a pioneering medical sector and the provision of medical service distinctive .. 

Featuring dispensary Alkhnana from other dispensaries in the north several features made ​​him the top private health sector and made him the first destination for patients who want to serve the medical Hakiqih..mn most important of these features is the constant pursuit for the development of services by providing the latest equipment and contracting with the highest medical staff and administrative .. The administration is seeking always to provide a stable working environment and a quiet and fun to pay for the medical staff and the stability of the sacred practice of the profession without disturbances .. 

System features work Balmistocef that allows the progress and advancement for high achievers as he distinguishes between hard work and in between Ignorer .. 


Provides the infirmary all appropriate circumstances to create an atmosphere of stability and ways of life comfortable as it provides housing Mattha and medical insurance comprehensive and a fair system for advancement in wages, all in a framework of treatment upscale estimated the extent of the sanctity of the service provided and located away from intransigence or bureaucracy. 

Board of Directors is keen to provide all medical specialties such as Balmistocef and gynecology, which is one of the oldest clinics in the north as well as the clinic and bone scan and chest diseases and follow the heart and center of pressure and sugar. 

Our leadership to medical providers, have made our goal for each major institutions that wish to provide medical service sound and upscale for its employees, where we are a key partner of the Saudi Electricity Company and Saudi Aramco to Petrol..kma that our customers of the finest institutions in the kingdom, such as Al-Rajhi Bank and Bin Laden. 

Our national partner is important in the development of the health sector in the Kingdom, where we contribute to provide many of the services that are not provided by the public health sector in the north, such as a mammogram machine and sonar quartet Alaavad..kma service we offer vaccinations at nominal cost our contribution to maintaining the integrity of the homeland and the citizen.