We are pleased to have the opportunity to provide our professional services as a specialist with extensive experience of more than 30 years in the field of selection and employment artistic and different professions skilled medical, engineering, accounting, education, and technical and other with good experience and qualified in the area of ​​specialization and efficiency and technical capabilities high afterthe work of the necessary tests.

And the company's objectives and services provided by the business in the following:

We have the necessary facilities for the reception of business or specialized committee to conduct the final interviews and tests as well as facilitate their mission in Cairo in terms of hotel reservations, car rentals and secretarial services.

The Company follows the latest modern techniques is the use of computer identify and sort the data to get the best skills in all disciplines in the fastest time.

The company has a huge database containing all disciplines in addition to the possibility of advertising the official Al-Ahram newspaper to expand the circle of choice. Select and nominate personnel required in accordance with the specifications set by the employer by a specialized team of the company. 

Provide technical advice to business and job seekers with respect to the selection and nomination and end the travel papers.

Check cadres candidate and follow-up travel.

Therefore we are pleased to be our trusted to accomplish what you need from services. 

The contact us through e-mail, fax or phone will replace I'izaz and estimate the result of joint cooperation between us

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